Before your appointment


Before your appointment, think about what you want and expect from treatment, and how you can talk to your dermatologist about this

  • Make a list of the ways that psoriasis affects you over the course of a day, week, month or year (this could include physical symptoms, as well as any effects on the way you feel or what you do)
  • If you are on treatment, note down which one as your dermatologist is likely to ask
  • Your dermatologist could help you address any difficulties you may be experiencing, or be able to recommend a change of treatment if needed

Are you suffering from burning, itching and/or plaques?

Let yourself be advised and treated by psoriasis experts in your environment!


  • Nathalie Beauchot - Atopie sprl
    • DocteurNathalie Beauchot - Atopie sprl
    • Address Place de St Symphorien 8
    • City 7030 Saint-Symphorien
    • Country BE
    • Phone 04/700 30 519
    • Show on map

After your appointment


After your appointment, keep moving forwards

  • Schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss your progress
  • Keep track of your progress, including any improvements in your symptoms, how you feel, or your day-to-day life

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